Sometimes you just gotta dive into it...
That's what I told myself before spontaneously creating this post I've been post-poning for over a month. (EEK!)..blame on being a virgo-perfectionist (double-EEK!)
Yet, I am as spontaneous as I am cautious...#paradox.

This blog is essentially about paradox.  It's also about silly things like love and hair.  It's also about messy things like politics and controversy (I love scandal, yumm!).  It's also about the mundane, the serious, the crazy, the pretty, the light, the dark, the obnoxious, the sentimental, the mysterious, etc...etc....etc...

It's about me, my observations, and my adventures.

And this is just an introduction.

As an avid blog follower, I've dreamt of starting my own blog for a while.  But I struggled so much on what it would be about..what it would feel, taste, look, and even sound like.  I mean sure I love poetry and fashion and colors and food and Haiti and lots of other stuff but I struggled to find an angle. Maybe I was trying to define myself? No good. I don't like definitions...or constraints...or boundaries.  You can call me "Naika, Without Borders".

A good friend of my mine, otherwise known as "O" who I will talk about allot on this well as my other beautifully insightful friends, once said to me during our common midnight phone chats that, "The question of 'who am I ?' is in constant opposition with 'who am I not?'"
This is essential! I kind of let it marinate for some months and always revisited it during my all too often existential crises (which I encourage).

THEN, during a film festival I helped organized, I watched a brilliant movie featuring a special Haitian someone who has evolved to be a mentor for me (IN MY HEAD-I actually do NOT know this person...yet. #typical).  *
I will absolutely have a post on him coming up, as well as some other amazingly influential individuals out there.

The name of the movie:

Une étrange cathédrale dans la graisse des ténèbres

The name of the man:


In the movie, he said something to the tune of:

"I devour everything, yet the fundamental paradox is that everything devours me."

A LIGHTBULB went off in my head and I felt this....PARADOX.

As time went on, I started paying more attention to the phenomenon of paradox and felt myself enamored by this new revelation. This phenomenon exists not only in all cultures but in all...things.
Life vs. Death.  Good vs. Bad. Heaven vs. Hell. Feminine vs. Masculine. Happy vs. Sad. Love vs. Hate
Paradox is inside and outside of everything.  *Everything is everything*

We will engage in all of that in this blog.

But all that is serious...

Anyone who knows me knows that although I can be terribly serious, I can also be fundamentally absurdly playful and silly too.
 I love jokes and pleasure and love and creativity and sights and sounds... I mean.....who doesn't?
So this blog will be all of that too.
It will be about magic, spiritual revelations, travels, health, astrology,and the beauty of life's experience.
You can look forward to ALLOT of quotes and short stories, even more music videos, information about health, reviews, features, photos and so much more.
I may not be:
A photographer
A writer (I encourage typos and the (re)creation of new words)
An artist
A politician (eek)
Blah blah...

BUT, I am:

A lover and defender of all things Haiti
A critically engaged person
A culture enthusiast
A humanitarian
A healer
A lover of self
An engager of tomfoolery
A sensitive world observer
A creative type
A move-maker
An optimist
A new minimalist

Join me on this journey through paradox, as I maintain my balance on life's tightrope:

I present to you Naika in Balance.

      Stay engaged,

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