Natural Hair Update: Fall 2012

Time for a natural hair update!
I know I promised to do this last weekend. Alas...the unpredictable schedule of medical school....My bad. Accept a hug to make up for it? ;)

So, the weather in Seattle is very different from the weather in New York.  It rains almost every day-well actually, it's more like an awkward extensive light drizzling. Somehow, it never gets humid. This changes the behavior of my hair. My hair now reacts to products and manipulation (like blow-drying) very differently, and it's kind of annoying.

Anyway, seeing as I'm in school from about 8am-8pm every day and am stressed/busy beyond imagination, I really don't have time to worry about my hair! I never thought I'd say that! As much as I want to bring that natural hair-black woman-New York flyness that I love, I just can't be rocking my curly fro out like that. It takes so much effort and time to upkeep, that I simply don't have. I'm having to come to terms with the fact that twists, turbans, buns, and beanies are going to be my go-to styles until the quarter is over....or...actually probably the rest of the year. It will be fun to come up with new styles though...
[Also, the stress of medical school has caused my hair to start to fall out, which is so...sad to me. But, I'm trying to deal with it.]

Product Update:
I've been trying some new things because...I always do! My staples pretty much haven't changed though, with the exception of the Black Vanilla Shampoo.
Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Shampoo- ....not working. I now find this shampoo to be extremely drying. I refuse to throw it out because I never throw anything out. But, I am excited to get rid of it. I will be trying the infamous Terressentials mud wash once I finish this stuff (hopefully some time early next year).

Yes to Carrots Conditioner- This is something I picked up at my local natural pharmacy (cool right?). I've enjoyed it, but it's a little too pricey and not exactly effective enough for me to re-purchase. I'll be sticking to my Trader Joe's Nourish Spa and Giovanni Deeper Moisture.

Shea Butter Oil- look out for a review of this product! You all know how much I LOVE shea butter. Well, after being treated to a birthday spa treat where my masseuse use a combination of shea oil and coconut oil, I decided that I needed to check it out! So far, so good. I've been using it as a sealant. Note: sealing the moisture in your natural hair is even more important in the winter months!

Carol's Daughter Hair Milk- So, I tried this product once a few years ago and loved it. Now, not so much. I've used it as a moisturizer, but not as a leave-in or styler yet so I'll give it another try but totally not loving it as much. Strange that my experience with CD products has changed so much over the past few years.

That's pretty much it folks! I'll just be doing a whole lot of protective styling and deep moisturizing for a while and you bet I'm going to try and enjoy it as much as possible :)

Stay engaged,

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  1. Hi Naika,
    Can you explain the process for sealing?
    Also, Carol's Daughter's products are drying because they are no longer seem organic. I would go with Karen's Body Beautiful's sweet Ambrosia as a substitute for the CD hair milk.
    Alice B.

  2. Hey Alice! Thanks for commenting. I'm thinking about doing a post now on sealing...

    Sealing is the process of putting an oil or butter on top of our water-containing moisturizer to trap that moisture in and keep our hair moisturized. Oil is hyrdophobic, meaning it doesn't like water and once it creates a barrier around something, it prevents that something from interacting with water as much as it can.
    Water is hydrophilic so water loves to be water. When we moisturize our hair with water-containing products, the water usually evaporates into the air to be with the other water molecules. (The direction of water movement depends on several more complicated factors such as dewpoint/humidity and the exact ingredients in the hair product, to name a few. So, there are times when water from the air, can actually go into our hair in order to join the water molecules in our moisturizer and this makes can make hair big and puffy).
    Water "movement" takes a while to occur so it's not as if moisturizing without sealing is a waste. It's just better to trap the moisture in by "sealing" with an oil or butter so your hair can just stay moisturized longer!

    and yes CD ingredients have changed! I love KBB products but as usual, I get super curious and try new things. Sometimes I'm lucky....sometimes I'm not LOL.