21 Questions

[For my dad...and all the dead.]


Was I the last thing on your mind?

Were you shocked when you realized you were dying?

Do you hear me when I cry out for you?

Are you at peace?

Were you scared?

Did your life flash before your eyes?

Did you feel pain?

Do you ever get lonely?

What does God look like?

Do you worry about me?

Did you like the eulogy I wrote you?

Is it ok that I'm slowly, yet reluctantly adjusting to this new normal?

Have you reunited with your lost loved ones?

What do you do?

Can you hear my thoughts?

When I look up at the sky to look at you, do you look back at me?

Do you have any regrets from your life?

Who greeted you when you arrived?

Do angels really have wings?

Is it really you in my dreams?

Are you now a believer?


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