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Yve-car, of Kreyol Essence was so incredibly kind to send me some sample size products to review a while ago and I am excited to finally post my thoughts here. You may remember that Kreyol Essence, a fantastic brand of high quality Haitian-made natural skin and haircare products, was featured on this blog last year. It has been a beautiful experience to track their growth since. They are doing big things!

On to the review!

I was sent the lavender flavor soap and it was lovely. Pretty simple.
KE's Lavender Soap

Smell. Look. Feel: Of course, this soap has a calming lavender scent, which just relaxes you instantly. I like that you can see little pieces of lavender in the soap. This gives it a kind of earthy home-grown feel.

Efficiency: This soap cleansed my body and had me smelling like a lavender princess. Again, pretty simple and straight-forward.

Castor Oils:
So castor oil is really the star of Haitian natural hair care traditions and Kreyol Essence has appropriately made it their star product, offering splendid and unique renditions of it. I was excited when I opened my package and saw a ton of little castor oil bottles with some interesting fragrances. I was sent the original, lavender, orange, lemon, and peppermint fragrances.
KE's Orange Castor oil
Smell. Look. Feel: So, I really appreciate the different scents that Kreyol Essence offers, because our beloved Haitian castor oil has quite a unique scent, that could be really difficult to get used to, especially if you are not Haitian and haven't grown up with it. And I think the scents KE chose are great and can satisfy various fragrance preferences. But, I have a really sensitive nose and am pretty picky. With that said, I did find that some of the fragrances, though lovely, kind of clashed with the natural scent of the castor oil. I felt this way about the lavender and orange, but not really for the lemon. I actually love the lemon-scented one. I don't like peppermint anything so this was no exception. I ended up giving it to my friend though, and she really liked it. Surprisingly, my favorite scent was the one without scent, the original, and that's the one that I've totally used up and will re-order.

Efficiency: Kreyol Essence's castor oil is really high quality and works pretty much like the raw street castor oil that we're used to picking up in Haiti. The benefit of KE castor oil is that its consistency is slightly thinner, making it easier to apply. This is really important for me since I am unable to use Haitian castor oil for its number 1 rated use amongst us naturalistas; as an actual hair oil! It's usually way too thick for me and kind of makes my hair hard, but that isn't the case with KE's castor oil at all. Additionally, the smell isn't as potent, which is super.

I very much look forward to trying and reviewing KE's other products, particularly the Pomad Kreyol and Palma Shea; they sound scrumptious.

If you're looking to support a Haitian company that has a strong mission and great products to back it up, then definitely check Kreyol Essence out.. As a curator of Haitian natural healing traditions, I truly appreciate Kreyol Essence and their vision of natural health, entrepreneurship, and social responsibility with a Haitian kick. Natural with a purpose, indeed!

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