Product Review: Terressentials Pure Earth Hair Wash

Oh Lord! I am a believer!
Naturals have been hyping this product up for years ever since the lovely hair guru, Naptural85, first told us about it on her Youtube channel. Like I do for most hyped up natural hair trends, I gave Terressentials the side-eye. I thought it was just another fad. But after many unsuccessful experiences with natural shampoos that were either way too drying or just ineffective, I decided to order Terressentials in the lavender scent (despite the $9 though....). Anyway, this stuff is AMAZING. Here's why...

This stuff cleans your hair really well. After a bit of trial and error, I've found that it works best when I put around 8 large twists in my hair, and apply the mud wash directly to my scalp, then massage really really well. Even though there is no lather, it leaves my hair squeaky clean. I find that I actually don't need to clean my hair for about 2 weeks, which is great. You don't have to necessarily dilute the product with water, but I did in order to stretch it. I just filled an applicator bottle 3/4 full with the mud wash and added water to fill the remainder of the bottle up.

Unlike most shampoos, Terressentials leaves my hair...moisturized, which is pretty strange for a shampoo. In fact, my hair is so moisturized, that I don't even need a conditioner. As a minimalist who is streamlining her hair products, this is super important to me because it reduces the number of products I need to buy. Fun fact: One day, I made the mistake of conditioning my hair with some cheap conditioner after using Terressentials and my hair instantly felt dry and hard. So, if you really need to use a conditioner after cleansing your hair with this, make sure it is also natural and organic. That way, you won't counteract the amazing benefits of Terressentials.

Natural/Organic ingredients:
Terressentials is obviously made of amazing natural and certified organic products, which is so important to me. So many shampoos are made of harsh drying ingredients, but not Terressentials! The ingredients are detoxifying and promote not only cleansing, but healing as well. The essential oils give this product a nice earthy and calming vibe. They also make my hair smell AMAZING. I adore lavender and I love that my hair smells like lavender for days after using this. Washing my hair with this product is just a really nice experience, and I've never felt that way about....a hair product.

Long-term results:
I've been using this product for a few months and it's almost done (because I didn't know that a little goes a long way), so I love it. I can say that my hair is ALLOT more moisturized since using Terressentials. With that said, my hair is also softer and curlier. I find that my hair behaves really well now, as in styles look better and last longer. I suspect it has to do with the naturally moisturizing ingredients. Remember, curly hair looooves moisture.

Overall, I'm just such a fan of Terressentials Pure Earth Mud Wash. The one and only problem I have with Terressentials, which I eluded to above, is the shipping price. The product only costs around $10, but the shipping is $9. Even though the mud wash should last a long time, making the price worth it, the shipping price just kind of stings in a special way. This is the only reason I might not reorder it. It really sucks that it isn't sold in stores in NY or in Seattle, where I go to school. Hopefully, it can come to more stores soon! Once it does, I probably will use this shampoo forever.

If you're looking for a natural, organic, and moisturizing shampoo, then this might be for you!

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  1. Hi Naika! Do you keep your hair in twists throughout the entire washing process (i.e., wash and rinse while in twists)? Thank you for your blog and insight!