Protect the Sanctity of Your Space

Your space is an extension of your energy, which is the essence of who you are. In my search for my own inner peace in this illusion, I've continually come across this idea of "being a warrior" comes across in the Bible, several books by Paolo Coelho and Thich Nhat Hanh, and in The Four Agreements.

I'm learning how to be a warrior of the spirit.  In that, is embedded the fundamental rule of protecting the sanctity of my own space. In No Death, No Fear, Thic Nhat Hanh tells us that our being extends infinitely in every direction coming out of us, out of our core. So lately, I have been especially vigilant in maintaining my core.

Everything has been changing really quickly all around me and everything is uncertain and I'm trying to find a comfortable position to shape myself- like a rubick's cube. So, I've been building my core, defending my spirit, and protecting my space. If I don't, then I'll spin in circles, just like everything around me is. I've been spinning in circles for 125 days and the time to settle down in truth is now.

We talk about finding ourselves all the time, but what if we just didn't have to loose ourselves in the first place? There has to be a way to maintain your inner core, despite external stimuli. Well, if my core is my foundation, I want to build it based on God, love, and impermanence. This is the practice I've embarked on.

Here are some recent ways I've protected the sanctity of my space:

putting my emotional safety first

detaching myself from what i'm attached to

having an equal balance of input and output

cutting conversations off when they need to be cut off

dancing wtith my dad

understanding that I haven't fully forgiven God for taking my dad away

listening to vibey music so loud that my music becomes my vibe

getting comfortable with silence

quality time with herbs

doing things for the sake of art

being still when i need to be still and moving when i need to move

drenching my apartment with colors, candles, and coziness

never holding back my tears

creating dangerously and constantly


literally casting my worries unto God

internalizing that change is a natural process of life

expanding myself

touching the Earth

eating whatever i want when i want and always feeling really good about it

crafting my day to be exactly how i want it to be

making very specific iTunes playlists

saying goodbye when the time is right

accepting that everyone has their good traits and bad traits

honoring my feelings at all times

breathing more consciously

speaking life to my sufferings

being in nature

curating my passions

buying tickets to every concert that i desire to go to...and going alone when needed

knowing when to refrain

embracing YOLO experiences

sun-bathing in the park

living by the four agreements

my vibing couch

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