Meet Shakespeare Guirand

I have love for the person who refers to Haiti as "The Kingdom of Haiti", because surely that's what it is. If not in a purely physical sense, then in an energetic and spiritual way.

Allow me to introduce you to Shakespeare Guirand, a lovably quirky fellow and brilliant Haitian artist, residing in Brooklyn, NY.

As a former intern with Haiti Cultural Exchange, I'd see Shakespeare at most of our events with his beautiful smile and glowing energy. Surprisingly, we never actually met. I don't know how we missed each other. It wasn't until I saw his name on the Selebrasyon! calendar that I found out that this magical person is an artist. A prince too, from the kingdom of Haiti.

feel him when I look at his art. His art is free, colorful, spiritual. It has incredible depth, movement, and symbolism.

You can hang out with Shakespeare at HCX's Open Studio Tours event.
Sunday, June 8, 1-5pm
36 Troy Ave. Brooklyn NY

Below, I will showcase some of his work along with excerpts from his Artist Statement.

I am a contemporary visionary artist living in an urban explosion of overlapping cultures, rhythms and spiritual forces.  
My work has evolved to communicate my emotions, my spirituality, and my vision and examines the values, issues, and experiences I cherish, including; joy, melancholy, risk, freedom, spirituality and personal evolution. 

As a young prince growing up, a sense of holiness blew over my mind.
I always felt with wonder the energies and elements that surround us, so alive in this mystical island.  
My work is Abstract, spiritual, and sensual.
I use color as a mean of therapy.
I continue to learn from my art work as my work is a mean of researching the past, the present and moving into the future.
Not a Coincidence

"As a mysticism artist, most of my creations relate to events, which occur at the actual moment, what we might consider the “Present”. “Not a Coincidence” is a piece which can lead our mind deep into the mystical, social, political and the “de-humanization” of our actual society!"
Stay engaged,

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