Black Lives Matter. Thoughts on Revolution and Self-Care

As if the countless slaughtering of all my other brothers and sisters-both on tape and not on tape- wasn't enough.
As if.
But the execution of Philando Castile in his car has honestly gotten me F-ed up. Completely and totally. This is the straw that broke the camel's back for me. 
Maybe because I was still grieving the loss of Alton Sterling....
Maybe because I was beginning to consider apathy-one of the *most* prized tools of the oppressor- as a legitimate coping strategy....
Maybe because the ability of Castile's partner to catch the execution footage on her actual phone in their actual car was just a little too much for my already bloodshot eyes and battered heart....
Maybe because Orlando....
Maybe because the pain of the day juxtaposed with the beauty of the end of Ramadan and the air of celebration I witnessed my Muslim friends experience with the countless beautiful declarations of "Eid Mubarak" displayed on my feeds...
Maybe because the name Castile sounds like he could've been of Haitian descent too and Lord knows that's my weak spot....
I literally did not sleep last night, despite the consumption of my herbal teas and concoctions, and partially due to the persistent palpitations and numerous anxiety attacks. But also because I was up processing with my tribe. Thank God for tribe.

This is not sustainable. This is not acceptable. They're trying to erase us. My God. Help us. Please?

I came across this photo (and many others) on the gram and wanted to share.
Self care is critical at this time so that communal care can happen.
We just...we must...we can...we...We. We. We. We. We. We....we...we.....we....we.
We must hold each other up. The collective we. I believe in the power of we. The black we. The brown we. The non-POC (People of Color) we. The collective we. The human we. I really do. I truly do. We were meant to exist in community. We. We. We.

Absolutely and whole-heartedly do #blacklivesmatter specifically. This needs to be affirmed as we are disproportionately affected and targeted by this disenfranchised system.
But don't get it twisted that destroying and re-building this broken system won't require *ALL* of us. POC and non-POC alike. The re-building will require all of us. The re-building will require all of us. The re-building will require all of us. The re-building will require YOU. The re-building will require YOU. The re-building will require YOU.So stay woke everyone.

Fight the temptation to become apathetic. Fight the temptation to tell yourself that this does not affect YOU. Fight the temptation to consume and internalize false propaganda. These are all the oppressor's tools to separate us from the deeper truth and from EACHOTHER. Feel your emotions. Let them penetrate your inner being. Allow them to move you into action. It is from that place where you can draw the energy to authentically respond.

I personally have used my sleepless night (now morning) to sage, to light incense, to pray, to write, to send love to the victims' families, and to call up the spirits of the ancestors to re-inspire and guide us.

People. Rest up. Re-charge. Re-connect.
A Revolution soon come.

Stay engaged,

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  1. Dear Naika, I work with the Africa LGBTIQQ Emotional Health, Trauma Counselling and Suicide Support Services. I came across your blog when I was looking for answers to some questions I needed guidance one. Specifically, I was looking for someone working in the area of repeated trauma among Black folks. I got the answers and guidance. Thanks.