Affirmations and Intentions!

Peace family,
I just wanted to have a quick check in and talk about a new creative project I've recently delved into!

So affirmations and intentions have completely changed my life. They've helped me experience a more electric, positive, and inspired state of living. Many (not quite all, yet) of my previous limitations and fears no longer exist.  At the very least, they've been named, faced, and challeneged. My thought patterns and actions continue to experience dramatic shifts too!

I started this whole journey at the end of 2015 (the second worst year of my life, only preceded by 2013. It was New Year's Eve back home in NY, and historically I'd always go out with my friends and party into the following year. But for some reason, all I wanted to do was nest at home and reflect on my year, through meditation yes, but also by going through all of my writing from the difficult year (journals, notes, twitter, instagram) and pick out energetic themes, from which I can write declarative affirmations. My thinking was "what if I looked closer at my own life, meet myself where I'm at, and provide positive expression from me and for me?". I spent the entire night (from about 7 p.m- 11:55 pm) writing down my own affirmations a few sheets of paper. On a separate sheet of paper, I wrote down my intentions (not resolutions) for the year. Then I joined my mom for the count down into 2016, and brought my words with me!

Eventually, I hung these sheets of paper all over my apartment, took pictures of them on my phone, and even recorded myself saying the affirmations so that I could listen to myself during times of sadness, sorrow, anger, grief etc. It truly has been magical.  Many folks talk about how difficult 2016 was, and for pretty clear reasons, not only for the U.S but for the whole world.
It is clear that we are going through a passive socio-cultural-politico-spiritual shift as a human species, and the pot is only getting hotter. However, for me personally, 2016 was one of the best years of my life. It was like holding up a very detailed mirror up to myself and seeing who I really am. And so far 2017 is still like that, but with a heightened electrical spark, and ALOT of momentum.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, you have to big up yuhself first, then you can big up yuh community. In other words, you need to work on yourself and be the best version of yourself, then you can bring it to your friends, family, community, and world.  In my own life, I find that my magic rubs off on other people, then their magic rubs off, then boom, more and more people are on the same conscious kick. I've had people literally tell me "Naika, 2017 is your year!", "Blessings are coming your way", "You're on a different wavelength!". And I realize they say this, because I say this to myself. Then I embody it. I act on it. Then the vibe spreads. It's just wild that you realize your magic, then other people realize yours AND theirs too. It really is the revolution.

This is only part of what's contributed to my recent sprout in consciousness. I mean there's every day life that's a good enough teacher, but I've been reading a lot more, going to seminars, and watching a ton of Youtube videos about consciousness, spirituality, health, food, and even trauma and grief. There's this amazing realm out there which exists, for all of us to enjoy. One that embraces love, freedom from limitations, peace, joy, community, abundance, and all those good things! I know I sound a little bit like those advertisements for self- help books, lol. But it's really real. And there's a deep part within you that knows it's real too.

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you some of 2017's intentions and affirmations, most of which I wrote with a group of phenomenal women back home, on this most recent New Year's Eve. But usually, they just pop up in my head, then I tweet and/or post them.

There's a lot of power in thinking, speaking, and feeling things into existence. Through my research and exploration, I've learned that many successful people- businessmen and businesswomen, writers and artists, etc., use this system. It's all about manifestation. First step is to write it down, say it, and feel it.

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Blessings and blissings to you!
In health.
Stay engaged,

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