~Light-Workers, Unite!~

Does anyone else feel that tingle in the air? That call to greatness, to action, to solidarity, to love, to resistance, and to community?

I KNOW it's not just me. I'm noticing that people in my life are in the process of evolving into their greatest selves.

It's the past few months, as things have gotten increasingly turbulent in our society, I've been observing that people are really waking up. People are getting more in touch with their light and power. We are also noticing our inter-connectedness and the fundamental truth that "when I hurt you, I hurt myself". Light-workers are being called not only to WAKE UP, but to find each other.

I'm noticing that there is really nothing new happening in our society, that hasn't happened before. History has a way of repeating itself and the universe often teaches us the same lessons over and over again, until we learn them. This does not only apply on an individual level, but also a societal level. Because, well, we are all connected. Humanity is constantly in the process of learning and evolving.

Folks are continuing to challenge the status quo, to ask the tough questions, and to take a deeper look within. I for one have been studying so much more (reading, watching videos, meditating), gathering with community, and taking a more critical look of my place in the world and my role in society. I am realizing that I am a spec of sand in the large beach, and a drop of water in the vast ocean. But when all of us specs and drops combine, we are a powerful force.

The time has come for us to increase our energetic vibration and our capacity for good. This includes doing ego work, confronting our shadow selves, reconciling our pain, making peace with our past, and living deeply and intensely in the now.

I've been holding the intention of living a more heart-centered life, which entails living less in the mind, and more in the heart/soul/spirit. It's there that my compassion and fire reside.

Let me know if you're interested in learning more about some of the resources I've been using. They can be seen pretty clearly on my Instagram, specifically Instagram stories.

Some general pearls I've been implementing in my life;
- moving my body more (mostly yoga, and African dance)
- reading (currently The Power of Now, and The Parable of the Talents)
- community meetings (setting aside time to check in with like-hearted/like-minded/like-spirited folks)
- radical self its many forms
- watching heart-opening videos (Dr. Sebi, Preston Smiles, Spirit Science, etc.)
- eating more grounding foods, specifically from my culture (more root vegetables, less sugar)

Do you also feel the vibe? What are you doing to elevate your consciousness and contribute to society?

Stay in the light!
Be well.
Stay engaged,

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