New Herbal Product! Limited Edition Spring Tea Blend

Special Announcement! Limited edition Spring Tea Blend now available in my online dispensary! 
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This herbal blend will elevate your vibe and help you ease through the spring. My spring formula is nutrient rich and absolutely delicious, featuring 9 medicinal grade ingredients. Those of you who suffer with spring allergies will especially love this blend, as it features herbs that boost your immune system and relieve your allergic symptoms. This blend will help everyone achieve a more balanced state; mind, body, spirit.

Photo is my property.
I made this blend, inspired by nature as always, specifically water and those lovely little buds appearing on the branches of the flora all around me. In life, you plant seeds, water them with love and intention, then you watch them grow as nature takes its course. Spring is a time when you let what you plant manifest into its greater purpose. Spring is a time of brightness and lightness, as we transition from the heavy introspective vibes of winter. Like spring, this blend is all about flowing and growing.

I invite you to head to my online store and grab your blend before it sells out!

Photo is my property.

P.S: My e-mail subscribers got a special surprise code in their emails this morning for this new offering. So check your inbox and enjoy your special treat!

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