Product Review: Shea Moisture Organic Yucca & Baobab Thickening Conditioner [My Favorite Leave-In Conditioner]

Shea Moisture's Organic Yucca & Baobab Thickening Conditioner is my absolute FAVORITE leave in conditioner and I never want to be without it! I've been using it consistently ever since December 2011, when I picked it up at the Shea Moisture booth in Bryant Park. This conditioner smells amazing and provides major moisture and slip.

Ingredients: de-ionized water, Cocos Nucifera (coconut) oil*, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea butter)*, Sorbitol Esters, Mangifera Indica (mango) seed butter, Persea Gratissima (avocado) oil, Aloe Barbadenis leaf extract, Yucca Filamentosa extract, vegetable protein, Glycine Soja (soybean) oil, Adansonia digitata (Baobab) extract, biotin, rosemary extract, bamboo extract, Lonicera Caprifolium (honeysuckle) flower and Lonicera Japonica (Japanese honeysuckle) flower extract. *Denotes certified organic ingredients.
  • Detangles, strengthens and conditions while transforming hair to full-bodied health
  • Work conditioner through hair evenly, then rinse thoroughly
  • For deeper conditioning, leave on hair for up to 15 minutes
  • May also be used as a leave-in conditioner; work a dime-sized amount through hair, then style as desired
  • Hair Type: All Hair Types
  • Used For: Conditioning
When I first heard about this conditioner, I thought two things:
1. It can't be volumizing.
2. It can't be used as a leave-in
WOW, was I wrong.

While I believe that no product can provide instant real thickness or volume, I do think that with proper and consistent use, it is totally possible and this conditioner has proven this to me.  With amazing ingredients such as biotin and bamboo, this product really does hold up to its claim of being able to strengthen the hair, and that is how I think it eventually "volumizes" or "thickens" the hair.  

Additionally, I thought that because it is marketed as a "conditioner" and not necessarily as a "leave-in conditioner", that it couldn't be used as such.  I also thought that it was too pricey and small to be used as a conditioner since I was used to buying giant bottles of drug-store conditioners for no more than $6.00!  But after reading some testimonials where many natural ladies were raving about its efficacy as a leave-in, I decided to try it out and I couldn't be happier.  

First and fore-most, it provides impeccable slip.  When applying it to my curls, I find that it instantly detangles my tresses because of its conditioning slip.  It is also one of the most moisturizing leave-in conditioners I've tried.  Its consistency is very very creamy and not overwhelmingly thick which I love.  The smell is very perfumey so if you're not too crazy about strong scents, I would think twice before purchasing.  When I first opened the bottle to take a whiff, I was like "whoa, this is serious", but thankfully it's a very nice perfumey smell so it's all good for me.  Also, what's great about Shea Moisture products is that you can find them everywhere.  This is really important to me.  I love that I could walk into Target, Walgreens, now Ricky's, or even local beauty supply stores in Brooklyn and the city and find these products.

I usually use this product as a leave-in right after washing my hair.  So, I divide my hair into two sections and apply a few pumps of this product to each side, then I proceed to sealing or styling.  The product is also pretty light so it doesn't weigh my hair down at all, making it a nice product for fluffy wash and go's.  Unlike some of the leave-in's I've used in the past, I can't really use this as a daily moisturizer on my dry hair, and I think that's just because at the end of the's.....a conditioner and not a moisturizer per se.  But that doesn't make a difference to me because I love it so much.

Of course, I will buy this over and over again.  My quest for the perfect leave-in is done.  One little confession though.....I was so impressed by this product around February or so, that I really wanted to try the other Shea Moisture conditioners to compare their smells and efficacy.  One thing that I love about Shea Moisture is that each of their labels (pink, black, green, and yellow) caters to a different hair type or problem.  For example, their pink line is more for thick/curly hair, while their yellow line is more for dry/damaged hair.  My hair is actually pretty fine even though it appears full, so that is why I picked up the Organic Yucca & Baobab Thickening Conditioner in the first place since it caters to fine/thin hair.  But my hair also has the tendency to be a little dry so I decided to purchase the Shea Moisture Organic Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner as well.  So, I will definitely review that product and compare it to this one in the coming months!

Overall Rating: A+

What is your favorite leave-in conditioner?

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