How to Be Victorious Through Love

Are you aware that you were put on this Earth to live a glorious life, full of love, beauty, and goodness? You were put here to do something magnificent and to experience the richness of life.  But are you also aware that there are forces at work trying to keep you from realizing true happiness?   The negative forces manifest themselves in our own feelings and include feelings of jealousy, low self-esteem, anger, greed, hatred, pride, indifference, doubt, and most powerfully, fear. Are you also aware that these negative feelings not only destroy you but also serve the purpose of something else? The media, the industry, and the "powers that be" only profit from you not thinking you're good enough, powerful enough, or smart enough, and on a spiritual level, these feelings could be part of something even darker.  But, did you know there is a way out?  Did you know that happiness, confidence, trust, courage, faith, humility, positivity and of course love can free you from all of these negative forces and make you victorious?   While negativity can only make you smaller until it consumes you, positivity welcomes you with open arms to become a part of it.  Positivity promises joy for your sorrow and hope for tomorrow. With positivity, you become victorious.
Last week, I was in a very dark place. After making a decision, I dealt with some really negative emotions that served me no good. The more I focused on the negative aspects of the situation, the more negative it became. The more I contemplated on the darkness of my feelings, the darker they got.  The more I questioned the possibility of a positive outcome, the farther the positive outcome seemed from me.  The more I  questioned my ability to come out of the situation stronger, the weaker I felt. What a dilemma! I decided to be still and try to quiet my heart so I can at least dwell in silence. I needed stillness. I needed peace. I needed light to get out of the darkness.   I needed to take the time to silence the chatter of my negative emotions so I could hear God's voice. After taking just one deep breath, all the answers began to unfold...slowly, but surely. These 5 simple truths led me to victory:

1. Self-Love:  I am a human being.  I am not perfect. Who I am is a person filled with love. Just like I nourish my body with food, I must nourish my mind with positive thoughts and my soul with hope.  Hating myself is more draining than loving myself. Negativity consumes me, but positivity welcomes me. Darkness overshadows me but Light illuminates me.
2. Forgiveness: Because I am human, I make mistakes. I hurt people. I hurt myself.  But, if I can forgive others, I can forgive myself.  If I could be kind to others, I can be kind to myself.
3. Courage: If the only goal of negative thoughts, feelings, and forces is to consume me, I need to make myself into the exact opposite of negativity so that I no longer appeal to it. It takes strength to call negativity out for what is.  It takes confidence to know that I can conquer these emotions. It takes courage to liberate myself.
4. Persistence: Because I know these negative forces are alive and consistently available for me to use them to destroy myself, I need to work to stay positive. I need to continually affirm myself. I need to love, forgive, and have courage in order to make it through. I need a constant flame to keep my candle burning so that I can see the light and illuminate the darkness.
5. Know This Will Get Better: The situation sucks. It really does.  But, in the words of Maya Angelou, "This too shall pass". Life is a journey full of bumps along the way.  This is just one bump that I will have to get through. And when it does pass, I will still continue on my journey.  My beautiful destination awaits me because I was born to live a glorious life full of love, beauty, and goodness.

I now have my coat of arms in case this ever happens again. I am equipped with divine love- love for God (the ULTIMATE culmination of all things positive), love for self, and love for others. Love. That's the strongest weapon I have and the only one I need to fight and come out victorious.


*The Sunday Reflections series is an experimental interim series aimed at addressing issues of spirituality and self-fulfillment.  This series was inspired by a genuine urge I feel to enrich people's lives. I have decided to share short thoughts with you on a few Sundays each month. Please share and  leave your feedback. Bright blessings to you!*

Stay engaged,