Product Review: Donna Marie MiraCurl Curling Gelly

I'm so excited to review my new favorite gel! I bought the Donna Marie MiraCurl Curling Gelly last year around November and only started using it a few months ago, and I'm kind of mad at myself for waiting so long! This stuff is amaaaazing! I just wanted to share this product with you. If you're looking for an all-natural, high quality, curl-defining gel, this may be it for you!
Price: $21 for 18 oz.

Product Description:
Our #1 Best Seller! This super hold, moisturizing natural styling gel is perfect for wash n' go styling and defining hard to hold curls. Works for ALL curl types. Provides uniform, defined, elongated, moisturized and FRIZZ FREE curls and gives it the extra strength hold your curls need to last for days.  Also works wonderfully on puffs, twist-sets, braid-sets, and any styles that need a super hold.

Purified water, aloe vera juice, vegetable glycerin, Provitamin B-5, avocado oil, Linseed extract, herbal infusion of plantago extract, Rosemary, Slippery elm and hibiscus, xanthan gum, alkanet root, potassium sorbate, silver citrate, citric acid and fragrance.

So, I've only used this for wash n' go's, so I can't comment on its uses for other styles (though I'm sure it works brilliantly for everything the company says it does). That said, it provides ultra definition.  I really love the way it smells.  It's kind of sweet, but not fruity.  It's more vanilla, sugar, me.  It just smells really really good!  It is very very sticky, due to the amount of vegetable glycerin in it, as well as slipper elm. A little bit of this product goes a very long way.  You do NOT need too much to get the right amount of definition.  Also, if you put too much, your hair will take longer to dry.

I must say for this product, it is really important to apply a moisturizer underneath it, because it has such a strong hold.  If you don't properly moisturize, your hair will be CRUNCHY once it dries.  Trust me, I learned this the hard way the first few times I applied this product.  Once I moisturized before applying, my crunchy problems were alleviated- not eliminated- just alleviated. One major issue I have with this product is shrinkage! I mean, this is something we naturals have to deal with.  It's kind of the nature of our hair....But sometimes we just want a product that can provide definition AND elongate, and for me, this isn't the product/style combination for that.  Guess you can't have everything. It's ok though.  Because the curls are poppin.

Similarly to how I apply all the treatments and wash n' go's as described on this blog, I divide my hair into sections.  Then, I apply my leave in conditioner.  Then I apply this product. Simple as that!

Overall Rating: A-
Price: A
True to Claim: A
Bottom Line: Love!

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