Naïka in Balance Now on Facebook!

Greetings readers! I'd like to announce that Naika in Balance is now on Facebook! By liking the new Facebook page, you'll be able to track new posts as soon as I post them!

This is also part of my intention to synchronize my social media and reach many people, via different mediums that they like more. I know most of you highly value reading my posts right here, while others prefer shorter blog posts with visual content like Instagram, while others like to receive these posts in their emails.  I know that many of you will appreciate being able to access this information on Facebook too.

It seems like a natural evolution, yea?

You'll also be able to engage and interact in a new way with me! It'll be even easier to share and comment with your friends.

Here's the link to the new page: Naika In Balance Facebook Page

Be well!

Stay engaged,