Scheduling Now Available! Book Your Appointment with Me

Happy New Year to you all!

Today, I’m celebrating the New Year AND the release of my clinic scheduling link! You can now schedule an appointment with me at my Brooklyn office by clicking the "Schedule Appointment" above in the tabs section. You can also view the entire list of my holistic health services, which include everything from Naturopathic consultations, to Acupuncture sessions, and everything in between!

The New Year is a time where many of us set goals and intentions for the following year. These goals often revolve around Health and becoming a better version of ourselves. So, to meet you where you’re at, in this energy of new beginnings, I’m thrilled to be offering a 50% discount for ALL services for the entire month of January. This is your chance to access quality integrative Health services at incredibly affordable prices.

So what are you waiting for?! The time is now. Live your best life!

Doors open January 8th! 

I’m so looking forward to embarking on your healing journey with you! Cheers to 2018! It’s going to be a great year!


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