A Haitian Treasure Tea In Memory

Reflecting on the Haiti earthquake which took place on January 12, 2010. Remembering our ancestors. Dream-mapping for our future.

During my morning meditation, it came to me to formulate a healing tea in memory of our past and as a way to evoke positive, transformational, and healing energy for Haiti’s future.

Bitter melon (asowosi): to remind us that all that’s bitter isn’t bad. bitterness helps us reflect on what’s not working. bitterness also makes us appreciate sweetness.
Catnip (fey langchat): to tap into our higher consciousness and dream big dreams of freedom.
Rosemary (roumarin): to tap into the heart chakra, where we’ll draw the energy we’ll need to carry us forward.
Hibiscus (choublak): to remind us of what’s already ours. liberation is our birthright. 
Parsley (pesi): to purge. to cleanse. to make room for a new way and a new day.


In health,
Dr. Naika

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