15 minute Welcome to Wellness Phone call
This option is for you if you are curious about what Naturopathy and East Asian medicine can offer. In this complimentary 15 minute telephone call, we will get your questions answered. We'll explore the ways that Naturopathic medicine and East Asian medicine can benefit you and your particular condition, what makes my approach different, and more. From there, we will get you scheduled for your first office visit.
First Naturopathic Appointment
Your thorough Naturopathic evaluation will include assessing where you're at and where you've been health wise. We will discuss your current condition as well as your desires and your needs. This visit includes obtaining essential information about your medical and social history, a review of your medications, and getting an overall picture of you and your health. It is helpful for you to bring any important labwork, imaging, and/or health records for us to review together. From there, we will take the first steps in creating an individualized naturopathic intervention, which may include counseling, dietary adjustments, herbal formulas, nutraceuticals, etc. Your treatment may also include a individually customized botanical blend made by me.

For your first Naturopathic visit, you have the option of a 90 minute session or a 60 minute session.
Follow Up Naturopathic Visit:
After having our initial Naturopathic visit, we will follow up on your progress and revisit your health concerns. We will evaluate what needs to be changed, added, or removed from your treatment plan and go from there. After you have been seen for at least one 60 minute follow up, you can consider coming in for a shorter visit. A 30 minute visit is a relatively quick check in where we will evaluate changes and make minor alterations to your treatment protocol.
First Acupuncture Appointment:
At your first Acupuncture appointment, we will complete a thorough Traditional Chinese Medicine evaluation, that includes "the 10 questions", which helps me assess your Chinese diagnosis. If you have any important records, imaging, or lab results that would be helpful in assessing your health picture, you can bring it to our appointment. I will evaluate your tongue and pulse and determine the best treatment for you. In the last 45-60 minutes of this first Acupuncture visit, you will receive a treatment. Treatment can involve any combination of the following therapeutics; acupuncture needling, trigger point therapy, cupping, moxibustion, etc. You can find a summary of Acupuncture modalities here.You will leave the visit with my recommendations, which may include Chinese herbal formulas, dietary changes, etc. Following Traditional Chinese Medicine protocol, it is recommended that you return for at least 6 visit t aallow your body to properly adjust to the treatments.
Acupuncture Follow up
Your follow up Acupuncture visit will include a shorter conversation, where we check in on your progress since your last visit. This is also a visit where you can bring up additional health concerns that you'd like to have addressed that day. I will determine what changes, if any, need to be made to your treatment protocol, then you will receive a treatment. Treatment can involve any combination of the following therapeutics; acupuncture needling, trigger point therapy, cupping, moxibustion, etc. You can find a summary of Acupuncture modalities here.
Combined Naturopathic and Acupuncture Initial Consultation
By far, this is the most sought after package. In this very detailed integrative visit, we will mix Western and Eastern evaluations and treatments. We will obtain a very detailed picture of you, your health concerns, your history, along with the Chinese diagnostics which include, tongue and pulse assessment, etc. After the assessment, you will receive a full Acupuncture session, which involves any combination of  acupuncture needling, trigger point therapy, cupping, moxibustion, etc. You will leave this visit with a protocol that involves Naturopathic medicine (herbal medicine and flower essences for example) AND Traditional Chinese medicine (such as Chinese herbal or dietary suggestions).
Combined Naturopathic and Acupuncture Follow up
In this very detailed return visit, we will assess your progress since the last treatment and protocol. We will make any necessary adjustments to your current protocol. You will then have a full Acupuncture session. You will leave this visit with a comprehensive treatment plan which includes both Naturopathic AND Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities.

Herbal Medicine Complete Consultation

In this herbal medicine consultation, we will have a thorough review of all pertinent social and medical history, as well as your medications and allergies. We will review your current lifestyle routines, discuss your taste preferences and dislikes, go over your needs and desires for your herbal medicine mixture, and more. I will provide you with evidence-based clinically effective herbs for a custom formula. You have the option of acquiring the herbs I recommend to you on your own, or you can purchase a formula made by me. (Unlike simply ordering a custom tea from me, you will actually establish care with me in this visit as your health-care provider, and we will have a full 60 minute discussion about your health and health needs).
Cupping therapy
In this 30 minute session, you will experience the incredible benefits of Chinese cupping. We will have a brief conversation about your health concerns, treatment needs, and more. I will assess your tongue and pulse to acquire a Traditional Chinese Medicine assessment. You will then have the cupping session, and will leave the visit feeling soothed and relaxed. You can read more about the benefits of cupping therapy here.
Craniosacral therapy
Craniosacral therapy involves assessing and re-balancing the energetic rhythms in your body. This treatment is similar to Reiki, but involves me placing my hands at various "listening" stations (such as the soles of your feet, your abdomen, or the top of your head, for example). Craniosacral therapy is very relaxing and often leads to transformational physical and emotional shifts. For your initial 60 minute visit, we will discuss your goals and intentions for the treatment, then you will receive a treatment. For your follow up 30 minute visit, we will have a brief check in conversation where we assess any shifts that you may have experienced since your last visit. You will then receive a treatment. You can also choose to have a 60 minute follow up visit, which will include a longer treatment.
Initial Homeopathic Intake
Homeopathy is a system of healing that originates in Germany. Homeopathy involves using very small doses of natural substances to help you heal and feel better. Your very thorough Homeopathic evaluation entails much of the same components as the initial Naturopathic Appointment package, including obtaining your health history, setting goals, reviewing your medications and records, etc. Your Homeopathy visit will also include a very detailed Homeopathic evaluation, where we review dozens of questions, all centered around giving me your precise health picture. I will then determine your specific Homeopathic remedy based on this visit, which you can take before your follow up Homeopathy visit.
Homeopathic Follow up
After your initial Homeopathic intake, you will have a follow up 4-6 weeks later, where we will assess your progress since our last visit. We will discuss what has changed, and determine whether to change your remedy or adjust its dose. After having at least one 60 minute follow up, you may consider coming in for a shorter 30 minute visit, where we will briefly assess your shifts, and determine whether to change your remedy, adjust its dose, or come up with a different remedy.
Speaking/Workshop/Writing engagements
In addition to working with clients in my clinic, I enjoy sharing the knowledge of integrative and community health with everyone. Whether you are interested in having me host a workshop, speak about integrative health, or write an informative post for your website or magazine, I invite you to peruse my Events page for examples of past speaking, workshop, and writing engagements, as well as my social media accounts. I also encourage you to explore this website, where I have already written dozens of articles.
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