Green Smoothie: Quick, Yummy, Simple, Healthy Breakfast

Green smoothies are my latest obsession.  They are an excellent way to get various nutrients and drink your way to health.  I've been juicing for over a month now (look out for my favorite recipes) and while I love that it allows me to get a multitude of micronutrients and vitamins, it lacks the fiber that keeps you full and satisfied. For the past week, I've been making the following smoothie every single day, usually as a pre or post morning workout smoothie.  It's quick, yummy, simple, and healthy!
What You'll Need: (If you've been following this blog for any period of time, you know I'm not a fan of measurements or precision so just go for it!)

Almond milk: Great alternative to milk, contains allot of protein, potassium, and zinc
1 handful of kale: One of the most nutrient-dense greens on earth, boosts immune system, detoxifier, antioxidant
1 handful of spinach: Amazing superfood! Provides lots of fiber, protein, and antioxidants
1 organic banana: Great source of vitamins A,B,C,E and iron
1 teaspoon of honey: Healthy source of sweetness, energy, and immune-boosting properties

*Make sure to blend this mix really well in order to get a uniform consistency
*Add flax seeds, chia seeds, and/or wheatgrass for an extra oomph!

If you hate the taste of vegetables or are afraid that it won't be yummy, I promise you won't taste the vegetables (that might be disappointing for some of you, but trust me....the veggies are still there). The smoothie should have a refreshing, light, milky, and slightly sweet taste. You'll love it!

Cheers to health!

Stay Engaged,
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