DIY Aloe Harvesting!

Freshly chopped aloe, harvested from our massive 15 year old aloe plant. 🌿💚
I decided to use aloe for its healing properties, in a little homemade concoction for skincare. 🌿
 wanted to share how I harvest aloe in this short and sweet blog post.

Aloe is super soothing and moisturizing, so great for inflamed, dry, or irritated skin. 🌿

To harvest and cultivate:
1. Chop an older piece of aloe VERY close to the root of the plant, as this minimizes harm to the plant. (Take as many pieces as you see fit, keeping in mind the longevity and vital force of the plant. )

2. Slice sharp edges off.

3. Peel the skin back with a knife.

4. Using a spoon, scoop the VERY slimy goo (yes, a very scientific word lol)

5. Place goo in a blender and blend until its a smooth consistency.

6. Place in storage of your choice. I use a 8 oz. mason jar.

7. Store in the FREEZER for a longer duration (up to months) or in the fridge if you plan to use it up in the next week or so.

Bonus: add a couple drops of tea tree oil as a natural preservative.

In health.
Stay engaged,

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