A Haitian Treasure Tea: Ginger/Gingembre

Ginger, Zingiber Officinale, is called "Gingembre" in Haitian Kreyol, and is often consumed in a delicious tea in combination with other herbs. In this post, I wanted to share with you a delicious formula that I love to drink when it gets cold. This tea is packed with anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and immune-boosting constituents.

In my Acupuncture program, we were taught that ginger root, Gan jiang in Chinese, warms the interior” since it’s a heating herb. There’s so much evidence-based clinical research out there, which details the amazing health benefits of ginger. Ginger is amazing for fighting colds and flus, is super effective for treating digestive upset (especially nausea), and readily reduces pain and inflammation, and so much more.

How to prepare a medicinal cup of ginger tea:

What you'll need
- few slices of ginger
- 1 stick of cinnamon
- 1 Star of anise
- 1 teaspoon of honey 
- 1 cup of water

Place the ginger, cinnamon, and anise in 1 cup of water.
Bring to a boil.
Add in honey to taste.
Let it cool, then enjoy!

It comes out a little spicy and sweet, just how I like it.

In health,
Dr. Naika

The "Haitian Treasures" series was created by Dr. Naika in 2012. This series explores the magnificent benefits and uses of Haiti's natural resources, which Dr. Naika calls "Haitian Treasures". In this series, Dr. Naika explores the tie between Haiti's natural resources and natural, traditional, and holistic healing.

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