Top 4 Herbal Tonics for Spring

Happy Spring dear ones!
Here are my top 4 herbal tonics for this spring, that will support your health and vitality throughout the season. Think detox, think nourishment ,think “bye-bye allergies!”.

🌱Dandelion: To tonify the liver and aid in detoxing the body. You can cook the root or make a decoction.
🌱Nettles: To calm down inflammation and provide a hefty dose of vitamins and minerals. I love a good nettle tea but I also like to eat the leaves raw.
🌱Lavender: To help calm down “liver Qi stagnation”, according to Chinese Medicine. Spring time is liver time and when the liver gets out of balance from a Chinese Medicine perspective, we can feel anxious and irritable. Lavender could help calm all of that down. I love a lavender tea. I also like to put a couple drops of lavender essential oil on my pillow to ease stress as I fall asleep.
🌱Peppermint: To clear any congestion, to fight those pesky microbes, and to settle the tummy. I’d recommend a peppermint tea or essential oil steam.

I’ll be bringing back my popular Spring allergy blend from last year so you’ll be able to whip up some delicious herbs that support inflammation reduction, detoxification, and zen vibes.

I’m also feeling the itch to do an herbal medicine workshop this season so stay tuned!

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Dr. Naika

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Dr. Naika, the writer of this blog, has a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and a Masters of Science in Acupuncture as of June 2017. Please do not take the information presented on this blog, as medical advice, without consulting your certified health care practitioner. Knowledge is power and your health is your wealth!