Sustainable Alternatives to Sage

Did you know that there are great alternatives to sage smudge sticks?

With sustainability at the forefront of my mind these days, I’m revisiting & adjusting certain practices to be more in alignment with the good of the planet & collective. And to me that centers around respect & responsibility.

Due to sage’s (& palo santo’s) boost in popularity as an energy-clearing medium, we are using much more sage than we need, more often than we need.
Fire is such a beautifully transformative element & the smoke from smudging is considered an ancient healing tool. What’s only a relatively recent “wellness” trend is actually a deeply rooted cultural & spiritual practice for many communities.

I wanted to touch on alternative plants to incorporate into your smudge practice, if that’s a part of your wellness regime. Here are some very brief gems that you can expand upon with your own research.

I wanted to add that many of these plants are very common & grow very easily re: sustainability. Many of them are used for culinary work & herbal medicine. Keeping deforestation in mind,I intentionally included only one tree,which happens to be very sustainable.

•Lavender:peace & relaxation
•Vervain:balance & integration
•Mugwort:intuition & the dream world
•Rosemary:protection & purification
•Lemon balm:cleansing & calming
•Cedar:cleansing & grounding (this is my absolute favorite tree on the planet & is considered sacred by many communities)
•Thyme:mental clarity & removes blockages
•Mullein:respiratory cleansing & purification

There are a TON of wonderful plants that are not on this list, but these could serve as a launching point for further exploration.

As you discover what plant allies would support you best,I encourage you to research & connect with the various cultures who lifted up these practices in the first place.This will only amplify your experience & provide you with additional knowledge, context, & appreciation for the sacred healing these plants embody.
 Be blessed.

In health,
Dr. Naika

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Dr. Naika, the writer of this blog, has a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and a Masters of Science in Acupuncture as of June 2017. Please do not take the information presented on this blog, as medical advice, without consulting your certified health care practitioner. Knowledge is power and your health is your wealth!