Herbs to Support Your Mind + Body During COVID-19 and Beyond

🌿An offering from the plants for the times🌿

We’re experiencing a collective trauma & a grand shift in our daily routines, our internal worlds & our collective consciousness. More than ever, the plants can support us as we re-adjust to physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual shifts. While social distancing &rigorous hygiene remain at the top of the priority list for keeping the collective protected, the plants are here for us to cultivate an intentional & personal healing relationship with. So make your remedies. Video-chat your loved ones. Wash your hands. Stay safe. Be well. And breathe.
🌿Astragalus: a traditional “yang” root tonic that improves endurance, amplifies resilience, increases our energy & supports a healthy stress response. Astragalus stimulates immune cells, increases the activity of antioxidant enzymes, &improves heart function.
🌿Lemon Balm: a nervine tonic that alleviates an anxious or depressed mood, improves cognitive function & supports a restorative night’s sleep. Lemon balm relieves restlessness, allowing for a more grounded response to stress, sadness & shock. Lemon balm is also anti-viral!
🌿St.John’s Wort: Most known for relieving a depressed mood in folks with mild to moderate depression, St. John’s wort is also a rockstar nervine tonic & anti-viral all in one. Interestingly enough, St. John’s wort is a vulnerary, meaning that it is able to heal wounds. Definitely check for drug/herb interactions as St. John’s wort effects key enzymatic pathways.
🌿Ginger: Antimicrobial. Anti-inflammatory. Antimicrobial. Circulatory tonic. Digestive tonic. Immune booster. A master herb. Here’s a great ginger shot recipe to get familiar with: juiced ginger root, lemon juice, turmeric + an optional dollop of honey.
🌿Skullcap: the gentle, yet powerful nervine that relieves nervous tension, restores our sense of balance & revives our mental state. This herb helps with muscular tension, spasms & anxiety. Skullcap is your friend when you’ve just had enough & all systems are exhausted. This is the herb that promotes rest in the name of renewal.
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