Henna for Natural Hair [Update] + Pictures!

You all know...I love me some henna! I recently switched things up in my henna mix and replaced some previous ingredients. I replaced "occasional"conditioner with *consistent* organic coconut milk, as well as 1/4 cup of aloe vera juice.
I then proceed to deep condition as usual with my staple deep conditioner, Giovanni Deeper Moisture Conditioner.
Let me tell hair has never ever felt so soft! It literally feels like butter and looks awesome! I'm pretty shocked actually.
By now, you know I'm always behind with pictures so of course I don't have any after pics but I have a ton of before pics! Lol...whatever.

Go get some henna.


Stay Engaged,


  1. Hi, I want to know if you use Indigo as well when you Henna. I want to use Henna, I even bought some, but I don't want it to turn my hair color. Your hair looks really dark and I like that, so I want to know if you used indigo after the henna to get it that dark,

    1. hey! thanks for commenting. no, i don't use indigo. my hair is just naturally very dark. henna will most likely have an effect on your hair color, but the darker your hair is, the less noticeable the change will be! i know plenty of naturals who use indigo after henna do get a super black (almost blue-black) tint to their hair. you may want to try cassia as a henna alternative because it doesn't change your hair color at all!
      best of luck!

  2. Now, boil up some water. Pour the boiling water into the henna, a little at a time. Stir. Keep doing this until you get a paste consistency. Add a couple of pre-beaten eggs if you want, to keep the consistency sticky. Many women add a half cup of strong coffee to tone down the red a little. If you add coffee, use less boiling water. You don't want the mixture to end up drippy.

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