Happy Summer Solstice! 4 Herbal Tonics for Summer 2019

Happy first day of summer loves!

I’m back at it with my top 4 herbal tonics for this summer that will support your vitality and wellness. Think cooling, calming, vibrational, and gently moving~

🌼Kava: Kava kava kava. The herb that gets us all lit with a natural high. To me, Kava’s vibrational pattern matches with summer. It’s sunny, happy, and warm. It has a very specific acquired taste and can be quite numbing to the tongue. Kava is very popular as a mocktail ingredient, but there isn’t enough conversation in the wellness world around what happens when you have too much kava. The research is well-documented that excessive kava is toxic to the liver. So reach for this herb in moderation to enjoy it safely.

🌼Linden is just so sweet energetically. Soothing to the heart chakra, linden invites us to tap into our heart’s desires, while providing us with sweet comfort along the way. Linden has a nice light flavor and blends with other herbs beautifully.

🌼Lemongrass: Think light, refreshing, and cooling. At my “Healing with Haitian Herbs” workshop, I talk about how lemongrass is THE cooling herb that Haitians use (frequently combined with hibiscus, another cooling herb). As the name suggests, lemongrass has a lovely citrus zing to it and is just so light. I like to make a lemongrass tea x lemonade situation in the summer months. The best.

🌼Calendula: Think gentle lymphatic movement and vibrancy. I mean look at that beautiful yellow! It reminds me of the summer sun. Patients tell me all the time that they get swollen and puffy in the summer with all the heat and humidity in the atmosphere. This is where lymph movement comes in and calendula has got your back! It’s a little bitter in taste but is light enough to still be really pleasant.

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I’m excited to play with these herbs and many more this summer. I’ve got a good feeling about Summer 2019. Stay bright.

In health,
Dr. Naika

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