Herbs for Cold and Flu Season (Part 1)

It’s that time again, loves. Lots of autumn sickies going around as the season shifts, the temperatures drop,& we spend more time indoors. Many more people are coming in for the common cold. So, I wanted to round up my favorite immune-boosting, cold-busting herbs to help you fight your way through the season.This is only part 1 because there are so many wonderful herbs for cold & flu season, which will be covered in subsequent posts.

🌱Ginger: Honestly, is there anything ginger ISN’T good for? Such an amazing gift of nature.I’m a big fan of fresh ginger for cold/flu season, but dried ginger is fine too.Really powerful antimicrobial that gives those cold bugs a good fight.Love ginger in a tea or syrup.
🌱Echinacea: The cold herb that we all know and love.Great for boosting our body’s immunity, moving lymph, & fighting bacterial & viral infections.Love it in a tincture or syrup!
🌱Garlic: Another herbal powerhouse with so much healing to offer.Although garlic is aggressively..uh..fragrant, it is worth the smell.It does not play games as an anti-microbial (bacteria,viruses,&fungal).Garlic is an expectorant, so it EXPELS bugs, fluids, etc. I like to make a fire cider,which features garlic as a star ingredient (more on that in another post!).Most of all,I like to cook with extra garlic during this season.If I’m feeling particularly bold,I like to chew on some fresh garlic.
🌱Peppermint: Love peppermint as a decongestant, so it’s great for when you’re feeling stuffy & clogged up.Peppermint is great at promoting release through sweating, which is helpful for fevers.Lastly, peppermint is great at decreasing coughs.I’ll take peppermint as a tea! *Peppermint is a kid favorite!
🌱Lemon balm: I love lemon balm so much, not only because it is extremely calming as a nervine & tummy-relieving as a carminative, but because it is also a rockstar anti-viral.This is a great cold and flu herb to take at night because it’ll calm you right down while fighting those bugs. I love lemon balm in tea & in glycerites. *Lemon balm is a kid favorite!
Wash your hands.Bundle up.Take some herbs.Trust your body. 🌱
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In health,
Dr. Naika

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