Dr. Naika at POPSUGAR Playground x Samsung Soul Space

I’ve got some fun news friends!

This weekend, I’ll be providing my healing services at the POPSUGAR Playground Samsung Soul Space.

I’ll be focusing my holistic healing sessions on Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine therapies to optimize sleep hygiene and wellness. I’ll be serving up some Aromatherapy, Chinese cupping therapy to ease muscle tension, and jade stone facial massage to help ease your mind and decrease stress. We’ll also be chatting about diet, lifestyle, and herbal medicine tips to improve sleep. My goal is to provide you with easy and applicable tools that you can implement into your new and improved customized night-time routine. Looking forward to sharing the beauty of this medicine with this weekend’s attendees!

I've partnered with Wellness Official, an online marketplace that connects wellness practitioners and clients to make wellness accessible. Through Wellness Official, you can book mini sessions with me and some other incredible NY-based wellness practitioners to get your vibe right at the POPSUGAR Playground Samsung Soul Space!

Definitely head to for more information! Stop by the Soul Space to power up, connect, and get your healing on alllll weekend long! SO EXCITED!

In health,
Dr. Naika

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