Favorite Nutritional Powder Supplements for Optimal Health

I’m frequently asked what my favorite dietary supplements are for smoothies. I always tell people that it’s preferable to get the majority of nutrients from actual whole foods, but supplements are great additions when we need an extra boost of specific nutrients. With that said, here are some of my favorites!

🌱Green powders: Love these to get more minerals, fiber, and plant-based protein in! Really helpful for folks wanting to transition into more of a plant-based lifestyle. It can be hard to just start eating a bunch of greens if that’s not something you’re accustomed to, so green powders help.
🌱Protein powders: This is what most folks are used to especially in the fitness realm. Really great for those wanting to build muscle mass or for those wanting to ensure they get enough dietary protein. There are a lot of thoughts about which types of proteins are best, and that varies on a case by case basis. While I personally prefer plant-based protein powders, there are benefits to non plant-based protein powders such as whey.
🌱Collagen powder: If you follow my IG stories, then you’ll know I’ve been having a huge collagen moment. Collagen is great for hair, skin, bone, joint, and nail health. Collagen goes pretty well in smoothies, but I like it best in my coffee, teas,&broths because it melts and blends uniformly. While there are a couple of plant-based collagen powders out there, I actually prefer the animal-based ones.
🌱Maca powder: Love maca for hormone balancing and overall female health.
🌱Turmeric powder: THE anti-inflammatory wonder of the world! Not the tastiest, but effective.
🌱Seeds: I’m a huge fan of hemp, flax, and chia seeds. Each one is a little different and offers different benefits. Love hemp for its diverse nutritional profile & taste. Love flax for hormone balancing. Love chia for its fiber + omega 3 content. Plus, it has this nice thickening effect when it sits in liquids for a period of time.

The list goes on! I have a TON more that I use regularly. But, hopefully these few shoutouts help! If you need guidance around brands, doses, or other powder options, schedule an appointment with me using the links below!

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