DIY Rose and Chamomile Toner

Just made an awesome DIY toner with rose and chamomile. 🌹🌼

As a holistic practitioner, I recognize that good skin care actually comes from within (nutrition, hydration,balance), but we can definitely use external practices to assist internal processes. I recently wrote about chamomile's anti-inflammatory and tissue healing properties, which make it an important ingredient for this toner. Rose is lovely all around and is great for toning, tightening, and moistening the skin.

How to Make:

Start by combining the chamomile and rose in a glass jar, layering apple cider vinegar on top, and letting the mixture sit overnight. I strained the mix the next day and added 2 drops of tea tree oil and 2 drops of lavender oil for some more fragrance depth, and to help preserve the mixture!

How to Use: 
Apply this toner to your face with a cotton swab after cleansing.

To my New York followers would you be interested in herbal medicine making classes? We can explore the medicinal properties of various plants and make all sorts of concoctions together while we vibe out? Would love to hear your thoughts.

In health.
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