5 DIY Natural Facial Exfoliators

So, summer time is here! Sure, this means lots of festivals and concerts, barbeques and swimming, travel and fun. But, for some us, like me, it also means more humidity, sweat, and overall yuckiness.  Even though I adore summer, I actually detest the heat because I sweat so much.  Consequently, my skin usually goes crazy on me!  (Is this TMI?....*shrugs*). I find that I have to give my skin some extra TLC during these challenging months, so I resort to a wonderful mixture of natural DIY (Do it Yourself) exfoliation masks! All of the ingredients are natural, yummy, and multi-purpose, and could be found in grocery stores or health stores in your area. Below, I share 5 simple natural facial exfoliation treatments you can incorporate into your skin regimen to keep your skin clean, smooth, and radiant.
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The procedure is pretty standard for all of my DIY natural facial exfoliators.  I usually pour equal small amounts of each ingredient in a small plastic or wooden bowl then mix with a plastic or wooden spoon (please avoid metal utensils). Then, I rinse my face with warm water to open my pores, then I apply the mixture to my face using my hands, then I scrub lightly with a facial brush (I use this one from Sally's) OR with a facial towel.  I then rinse off the mixture with cool water to close my pores. An optional additional step is to spritz my face with my all natural home-made toner mixture (will do a post on that soon). That's it! I don't use facial lotion in the summer because all of my exfoliation masks contain natural moisturizers and because the natural humidity in the air provides enough moisture for me.

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5 DIY Natural Facial Exfoliators:
1. Honey + Tea Tree Oil- gently cleanses skin and provides moisture (can be used daily and is really good for oily skin)
2. Baking Soda + Water- gently clarifies skin and removes excess dirt (can be a little drying)
3. Brown Sugar + Oil-makes skin soft and moisturized (good for dry skin)
4. Egg Yolk + Lemon Juice-removes redness and irritants
5. Oatmeal + Greek yogurt- provides moisture and gives your skin some extra brightness

I hope you enjoy these simple recipes! If you try them, make sure to let me know.

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Medical Disclaimer: Naika, the writer of this blog, is Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist. Please do not take this as medical advice, without consulting your health care practitioner. Also remember, knowledge is power and your health is your wealth!